ideaChef® provides a new and more engaging way to develop students’ capabilities to convert high potential ideas into manageable projects.

ideaChef® motivates students to question assumptions and
 encourages balanced contributions.



  • Facilitation Tool for Classes and Projects​​
  • Idea Competitions


  • Motivates students to curiously question assumptions
  • Increases the willingness to take risks
  • Allows anonymous peer evaluation and recognition
  • Encourages balanced contributions from all students



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    Testimonial - Christina PetterssonTestimonial - Jan LindquistTestimonial - Rita MouraTestimonial - Kurt LarssonTestimonial - Nelson PinhoTestimonial - Manuel CostaTestimonial - Bettina von StammTestimonial - Maria AntoniettaTestimonial - Maria Pinto
  • "I see ideaChef® as an introduction tool to modernizing organizations needing to expand on innovation and creativity, giving the companies its competitive edge by focusing on developing the company culture with Human Capital being the catalyst."
    Christina Pettersson
    Creative Business Professional | Sweden
  • "ideaChef® breaks the norm and provides an alternative means to work on new ideas through a game. It’s fun, engaging, and provides a sense of competition. Participants engage fully, unlike a regular workshop or brainstorming session where not everybody expresses themselves and it is hard to come up with a conclusion that is representative of the whole group. At the end of the game, ideaChef® provides a final report that creates a clear vision that represents the whole group. I highly recommend ideaChef® to help create team spirit and build consensus about the best direction to take."
    Jan Lindquist
    Systems Engineer | Sweden
  • "It was a good experience and the output of the session was very positive! It is indeed a good way to improve the brainstorming and getting everyone involved. From the HR perspective, I think it could also be used as a team building tool. Overall, I think we all had a great time playing ideaChef®, at least I did. :)"
    Rita Moura
    Former HR Responsible at MAISIS | Portugal
  • "ideaChef® is a very innovative tool which can be used to generate more powerful ideas into results and create tighter more responsive teams. Combined with an experienced game facilitator this simple board game can be an enjoyable and interesting way to get the most from even those quiet genius types that have so much to offer, but are often overlooked."
    Kurt Larsson
    Consultant, Author and Coach | Sweden
  • "One week ago, a friend shared with me ideaChef®... First, I thought it would be an evolution of Business Model Canvas, but then I realized that it’s not! It’s more interesting and exciting, due to it’s 'gamification' flavour on top of recognized methods! ideaChef® integrates Service Design Concepts with Problem Solving Techniques and Business Innovation. In times of entrepreneurship, this is a perfect tool to take into account."
    Nelson Pinho
    R&D Manager at COMPTA | Portugal
  • "I played the game with my team and it was a great experience. It was fun and we managed to get good results at the end. I now have 3 ideas that are part of my to do list for implementation."
    Manuel Costa
    CEO Vmuse | Portugal
  • "The end result is more rounded and thought through, and has the benefit that it has been developed by ALL participants."
    Bettina von Stamm
    Innovation Philosopher, Story Teller, Catalyst | United Kingdom
  • "ideaChef® facilitates the stemming of multiple views on the problem to be faced as well as the discussion around them. Importantly, it helps in easily reaching a common conclusion."
    Maria-Antonietta B.
    Researcher at CNR | Italy
  • "Sem coartar a criatividade, revelou-se uma ferramenta orientadora e de otimização dos recursos envolvidos e dos resultados obtidos; potenciou a capacidade analítica, a criação de laços e o compromisso entre os elementos da equipa."
    Maria Manuela Pinto
    Full time lecturer at U.Porto, FLUP/FEUP | Portugal


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