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January 13, 2016
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January 22, 2016
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ideaChef® Manifest

ideaChef® | Turn Ideas Into Projects

Our Manifesto is our commitment to all open-minded and innovative organizations that are looking for methods and tools that could turn explicit all the internal and external knowledge and leverage opportunities for greater achievements.

We are passionate about gamification and that´s why ideaChef® stepped out by the end of 2015 to became a legend in the world of gamified experiences. We want to cook superior ideas and transform you into a ideaChef®!

This is a cool tool, an avant-garde approach to bring people together to communicate effectively their ideas and turn them into projects that might change the world.

We trigger you to question everything, encourage collaboration, share expertise and promote innovative thinking, so that you can produce great recipes.

ideaChef® is a powerful, educational, convergent and effective tool that addresses challenges in a more structured way!

Sounds great?

Enjoy the ideaChef® experience!

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